Upcoming Presidential Local Bar Visits with CBA President Patricia M. Jarzobski

On the Road with ‘Gigi’: Rediscovering Colorado one ‘JD’ at a time

As the chief ambassador, motivator and leader for the next year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do and for your membership commitment to the Colorado Bar Association.

I will be touring Colorado over my term to meet with the local leaders and lawyers from our 27 bar associations across the state. The “JD” in my mission represents both the individual lawyers and bar association in each district that collectively exemplify the CBA’s mission.

If I can help you or your bar association, or if you would like me to attend an event or a meeting, please ask! Here is my personal contact info: zobski@me.com, 303-322-3344.

In the meantime, the CBA Presidential RV “Gigi” will be visiting these local bars next! Check the calendar below for an event near you. You can access online registration, if available, by clicking on the county/local bar name.