The landscape for the practice of law is changing. The Modern Law Practice Initiative is seizing this opportunity to redefine what a successful, sustainable law practice looks like – while serving the 70% of the population that currently believes they cannot afford an attorney. The Modern Lawyer is tackling head-on both the public’s and legal industry’s perception of the legal marketplace, starting with reinventing the typical fee structure. 


For Attorneys

If you are an attorney interested in getting involved with the Initiative, please contact Kathleen Schoen, or Sarah Kottoor, for more information.

If you are an attorney with a law practice management question, please contact Reba Nance,  or Sue Bertram,  

Resources for attorneys include:

For the Public

If you are looking for an attorney, search the CBA Find-A-Lawyer online directory by checking the box “Accepts Alternative Fee Arrangements.” Alternative Fee Arrangements is the opportunity to discuss with an attorney the legal relationship that works best for both parties.